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There are people who can tolerate discomfort just fine

"People get tired and they don't realize they're making mistakes, especially when you're leaning into the stepper to support your weight. Lifting too much weight."But, Cotton says, these women are like thousands of us who mean well in devising our workout plans but fall short when it's time to deliver: "You're increasing your risk for injury because exercising becomes uncomfortable,"Cotton says of common mistakes people make when working out.

Failing to stretch enough.' so when it's time to go to the gym, they suddenly find themselves with an excuse not to do it. Gradually increase resistance to boost muscle strength."I lean on the StairMaster when I'm on it," says Shaun Stewart, a new bride who lives in Memphis.."When I'm lifting free weights, I tend to go pretty fast on the downward motion when I'm supposed to be using more control," says Beth Pekol, who works in banking in Chicago.Make sure you stretch right after doing an aerobic activity to prevent risk of injury. "I know I don't have good form, but when I feel the pressure on my knees, I just feel like I'm still doing something if I'm at automatic feeder least staying on the machine.Never lift more than your muscles can handle. But others, they think 'I don't like this.Following is a list of 10 common exercise mistakes:I hate this. Not warming up before an activity.""I know I'm cheating myself when I double the amount of work I have to do in a short amount of time," says Eugenia Griffin, an esthetician who lives near Indianapolis.Muscles need time to get ready for the demands of aerobic activity."It's just a matter of realizing what you're doing," Cotton says.

"There are people who can tolerate discomfort just fine; they even look forward to it.""'Cheating' is a tough word," says Richard Cotton, chief exercise physiologist for My Exercise Plan. "I'll say I'm going to work out 30 minutes, but I'll try to fit a lot into 15 minutes."If you truly want to get the benefits of exercise, such as maintaining a healthy weight, having a good sex life and staving off conditions such as heart disease, diabetes and osteoporosis, especially as you grow older, then you just have to stop cheating, er, making mistakes. "Sometimes it's a higher priority to keep up with the person you're working out next to because you're looking at how many lights they have lit up and you're in a competition, so you lean a bit.